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Monday, August 23, 2010

New Image of Amber in Fashion

Jewelry and accessories flatter the new fashions and a few trends are obvious in 21st Century: smoothly carved organic materials; sculpted resins in smooth but bold designs with silver and gold. Amber, one of the organic, is getting popular and is seeing a growing demand. Price of amber jewelry increased 40+% over the last 3 years.

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Amber goes well with the apparel. The range of amber's colors is so abundant that everyone can find the one she or he loves. And you can easily find one that suits autumn, or winter, or spring, or summer. Another reason that more women are now buying amber jewelry for themselves is the price point ? not too expensive, not too cheap.

With the use of modern machinery and contemporary design, recently the beauty and seductively shimmering of amber are rediscovered by avant-garde artists.

Vast majority of the amber jewelry in today's market is from Baltic countries, such as Poland, Russia and Lithuania. The popular settings of the amber jewelry are silver. However, there is a growing trend for elaborate settings made of more expensive materials such as gold or diamonds. Another trend is to combine amber with color stones: onyx, turquoise, amethyst, citrine and quartz, so that the necklaces and bracelets become joyful and full of life. There is also a greater tendency to use natural amber in settings.

Each year, the Amber International Fair (Amberif) held at the Gdansk, Poland, is the world's largest showcase for amber jewelry. Amberif 2007 attracted more than 6,500 jewelry industry professionals, scientists, and gemologists from 40 countries visited more than 480 exhibitors, including 71 foreign companies from 14 countries, according to show organizers.

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